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⇒ 6th duel.

... Public Security Maintenance Bureau.

Neo Domino City's law enforcement agency. They are supposed to keep order in both the City and Satellite. If a person goes against the law, they have a criminal marker carved on their face. Security uses the markers to track them down wherever they go.

People with criminal markers are usually kept isolated from the rest of society in the lowest parts of the City, such as Daimon Area. If they cause too much trouble there, they're deported to Satellite to work in factories there.

... That's what they consider to be "just".

[[ooc: 1% spent on Public Security Maintenance Bureau aka BAD COPS and their methods of fighting crime, including criminal markers and the whole discrimination against people who have them. Nothing on why he got his one, though. Sufficient to say, Yuusei and law enforcement have never been on speaking terms. 5% total regain, 1% remaining.]]

⇒ 5th duel.

... My roommate is gone.

⇒ 4th duel.

Neo Domino City, one of the largest and most technologically advanced places in Japan.

In close proximity to it is an island called Satellite. For some reason, the town's completely destroyed and it's now treated as the City's junkyard.

... People from Satellite are not allowed to enter the City, as the citizens consider them to be worthless.

... That's the world I come from...

[[ooc: 0.5% spent on general information about his world, 1% on Neo Domino City in all its technological glory, 1% on Satellite and finally, 0.5% on the relationship between the two (i.e. the Urban Segregation). 4% total, 0% remaining.]]

⇒ 3rd duel.

At least these memories seem to be real.

... They may be useful in the job as a maintenance worker.

[[ooc: 0.5% spent on his electrical and mechanical engineering skills and another 0.5% on his computer/hacking skills. 1% total regain, 0% remaining. To keep it short, Yuusei can fix anything, from a microwave to a spaceship, provided he's given enough time. And as for hacking - well, his world's version of FBI hasn't caught him yet despite the fact he's hacked into their database on the multiple occasions. Oh, and since he's a kind of a workaholic, he'll probably go around the whole town fixing everything. He likes his new job alright. And yes, the ooc notes will probably always be longer than the post itself orz]]

⇒ 2nd duel.

They were right. I wouldn't be able to keep it here. Especially not on the sixth floor.

[private; hackable]

This mark...

... Odd.

[[ooc: Right. So. Yuusei left his D-Wheel - let's call it motorbike for the sake of convenience - downstaris. Because seriously, you can't expect him to drag 186 kilograms up the stairs.

On the side note, the mark he's referring to - the birthmark on his forearm - looks completely different from what the icons suggest because I'm too lazy to icon season three - namely, like this. Not that he'll be showing it to anyone anytime soon, but still. 8D;;]]

⇒ 1st duel.

[Not far from the lake there's a young man standing and looking at it. Some sort of vehicle is parked next to him.]

I found myself on a motorbike near some lake. I don't know how I got here.

I must have amnesia. It could be the result of an accident, but neither me nor the motorbike appear to be damaged.

"Yuusei" is the only thing I can recall.

... I need to find someone who can tell me who and where I am.